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What Do Karl Rove, NAFTA, Crack Babies, Upton Sinclair, George Orwell, RealID, Indiana, Massachusetts, And Lou Correa Have In Common?

If I were to reduce my description of the last 8 years to one word, that word would be ‘fearful.’ And yet I find that our most important issues are not being addressed. So how does that work exactly?

While we are forced to contend with incredibly high energy costs, job losses, pollution, Iraq, etc, we as a society are losing sight of the bigger picture. In taking a step back and viewing the world in its totality, necessary due to the emergence of the new global economy, I’ve come to realize that the problem isn’t the rest of the world, it’s us. That’s right. We have nobody to blame but ourselves… and you bet I’m afraid!

We’ve allowed ourselves to be frightened by terrorist specters from the imaginations of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and good ol’ Dubya, yet we voted in our nation’s worst nightmare twice, each time with a bit of controversy, and only once with any kind of measurable regret. We all need to wake up and address the root causes of the issues facing us, not waste our time by simply treating the symptoms while continuing to allow ourselves to be distracted by issues that aren’t even ’causes’ in the traditional sense; they’re symptoms of a much larger, more sinister plan: aggressive and practically inevitable world government. European Union, Asian Union, American Union, then a merger of the three. It’s not 2008, it’s 1984!

Sure, NAFTA was Bill Clinton’s crack-baby, but what’s up with CAFTA? Maybe Georgie-boy is stocking up on cocaine for his going away party and wants to make sure he gets the best deal possible? It seems no matter what has happened politically, the fair-traders have lost out to the free-traders every time. Why? And how? It’s sad that it’s so difficult to find American-made products on the store shelves, but at the same time, why do we feel we should have some kind of monopoly on manufacturing?

I guess that’s what happens when slave labor moves in down the road, but for all the trend-setting we have been responsible for over the years, why are we so quick to blame others when Germany, then Japan, then China all found ways to beat us at ‘our own game’ over the last three decades? Why haven’t we found a way to work smarter instead of harder? When will we stop fighting for what we’ve lost and try to find America a new identity and purpose in the world? If you’ve ever been divorced, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

The Chinese problem admittedly is a completely different animal from its counterparts as communist workers are forced to churn out goods for pennies a day, much like Americans did at the turn of the 20th Century as described so compellingly by Upton Sinclair in his masterpiece ‘The Jungle.’ This begs the question: if we’re trying to democratize an unwilling middle east in order to meet our energy needs instead of more quickly developing alternatives, and we’re ignoring China’s communism and human rights abuses to get cheap products, when are we going to realize that we’re only defeating ourselves by living in the past and finally move on to find new successes like we did after the Great Depression?

Could it possibly be that the Computer Age has produced fewer forward-thinkers than the Industrial Age? I think that’s exponentially less likely than the formerly theoretical world government conspiracy. When the best and brightest are incessantly drowned out by the loudest, things are not good. That’s not to say that they government doesn’t have plenty of outside the box thinkers; it’s just to say that they’re used to put the rest of us into neat, tidy, little boxes. Oh, they’ve got population control down to a (computer) science.

To wit: the RealID Act, perhaps the second most misunderstood trojan horse law passed after 9/11, the first of course being the (anti)Patriot Act. Many people think a federal ID card is completely innocuous and that it will somehow contribute to our homeland security. Of course, many people also think that ignorance is bliss, so don’t believe it!

Not only is a standardized federal ID card a violation of the 10th Amendment, but there is no evidence that it will improve security as many of the features of the new ID cards are already present on most state-issued cards. Most, but not all. Eventually, they want to require every card to include a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip, which can be used to track and identify individuals, as they already do in U.S.-issued passports. It’s funny, I thought the whole purpose of a passport was to provide federal identification.

Why the redundancy? Because in the future, Mexicans and Canadians will carry the same card, as well as the same currency. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the ‘Amero?’ The dollar has been beaten like Rocky Balboa to make way for its coming, but hopefully ‘Rocky’ will make one of his late-round comebacks. Only we can do something about it. Only we can be Adrian!

What’s worse is that a recent Supreme Court decision upheld the mandate of the State of Indiana that all voters present photo-ID at the polls. On it’s face, this seems like a reasonable requirement, until you consider it against the context of RealID. From this perspective, it seems like another excuse to force people to carry their Lo-jacked identification cards at all times. Mr. Orwell, are you listening?

Now I’m going to bring it all to an abrupt about-face. FEAR! You may say, ‘but Sarah, if we don’t live in a police state, then RealID protects us.’ Sure, you could argue that, but who says we don’t live in a police state? An article on about my home state of Massachusetts reports that the State Police, as well as many other jurisdictions around the country, are switching to black uniforms from the traditional blue, citing the intimidating effect the darker, more sinister looking uniforms have on the public.

If that’s not bad enough, it fails to mention that the Massachusetts State Trooper uniform was already intimidating. It previously included a large Canadian Mounted Police style hat and black, knee-high, patent leather boots
reminiscent of those of the Nazi SS uniform. I got more than my share of speeding tickets when I lived there, so I’ve called many a trooper ‘goose-stepper,’ as Massachusetts is an ‘insurance state’ and the troopers have for many years been rumored to have quotas.

But what do I know? This week my son brought home a safety coloring book sponsored by our good Senator, Lou Correa. One of the safety tips was: ‘The Police Officer is your friend.’ How do you explain to a 5-year old that a statement like that is not a truism? I did so very carefully (police officers like children, but adults, not so much). Who are they supposed to trust as they grow up if our formerly honored priests and police officers are no longer worthy?

Everyone should know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The conspiracy theory of ‘illumanti,’ world government, and a police state is now known as simply a ‘conspiracy.’ Go ahead. Google ‘Bilderberg group.’ These plans are very much a reality.

What are we going to do about it? Honestly, pretty much anyone who is anyone in world politics is on board with this and the populace is thoroughly distracted at the moment. I’m hoping that people just having knowledge of this will prove to be power in and of itself. If you see manifestations of the conspiracy, don’t be afraid to point them out. The only way that I can see to beat them is to expose them. Don’t let them sell America out!


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