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What The Hellary?

Because supposedly I’m nothing more than a shill for Hillary, I thought I should let everyone know that she’s seriously messed up to revert to speaking in her Arkansas accent while she’s campaigning in Indiana and North Carolina. She needs to renounce the adviser who decided this was a good idea as if they were Reverend Wright on a rant. We know she’s a southern girl, so not only is it redundant, it’s borderline psychotic (calling Madonna and Britney) and it’s not helping her as Obama’s pulled from behind all over again to bring both races to a statistical dead-heat.

This gas-tax holiday brouhaha isn’t making things any better for her. McCain-Clinton. That’s just wrong! If I had $.18 for every time I thought a candidate for elected office was committing pandermonium…

And yet, in my humble opinion, Hillary is still the best person for the job. Obama’s too liberal for me and McCain, too conservative. This goldilocks says, like Jesus to the Doobies, Hillary’s just alright with me. Occasionally embarrassing, but still alright.

I guess this is Democracy today. More like Demockracy. Is this really the best we can do, the best the United States of America can do? Really? In 2008? Because I used to force my mom to vote for my chosen candidates when I was a child, I’ve essentially been voting since I was about 11 or 12 years old. At 29, I’m already an experienced voter, and the fact is I have never been so disappointed by Presidential candidates in my life… and this is coming from someone who had an 8-foot by 10-foot John Kerry for President sign in her front yard in famous (every four years) downtown Derry, NH.

I ate at Mary Anne’s Diner, famous for their 50’s throwback style and the obligatory visits by Presidential hopefuls stumping in nearby Manchester, probably twice a week. Looking back, I’m smacking myself for giving up such valuable political real estate, especially considering the high stakes and dire consequences we face if we don’t change our ways, like yesterday. This year, however, I don’t think that it would have done me any good, which is simultaneously regrettable and comforting. That’s just wrong too.

‘Someday our generation is gonna rule the population, so we’re just waiting (waiting)… waiting on the world to change.’


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