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FIRST IN OC: Dennis Kucinich Introduces ‘Filibuster Of Impeachment’

The lame duck just got a little lamer tonight as Daily Kos is reporting that Dennis Kucinich has introduced Articles of Impeachment against President George Walker Bush. Just a few weeks ago I remember thinking how terrific it would be if the Democrats finally made good on their promise to impeach. Sure enough, there’s Li’l Dennis, with 35 charges against Li’l Bush (Li’l Cheney rules, rar rar rar)!

The charges were thorough, complete, and largely unarguable, related to everything from faulty Iraq and Iran intelligence to violations of the Geneva Conventions, and taking not one, not two, not even three or four, but four and a half hours to read in their entirety since Kucinich included the presentation of supporting evidence.

I used to think that impeachment at this stage of the game would be irrelevant. I used to consider the possibility that Dubya had good intentions during the endless hell that was his presidency. Apparently, I was ‘Dubly’ wrong.

Enter local activist and tortured genius Ron Vaught (photo hopefully coming soon). He says, “impeachment is not an option, but a necessity.” A wiry gentleman who resembles a ‘stereotypical’ Vietnam veteran, Mr. Vaught carries a banner which reads ‘Impeach Bush/Cheney’ and a bullhorn wherever he travels, either by bicycle or bus (it doesn’t get much greener than). When I first saw Vaught, he was standing on the corner of Euclid and Commonwealth in Fullerton; you know: ‘Queen of Meanmi’ (Mimi Walters) country. I was confused as to why he would choose that particular spot to protest, but it turns out he was simply waiting for a bus and wanted to take advantage of the time.

While ‘working his corner,’ so to speak, he was making pro-impeachment announcements citing, in part, Scott McClellan’s new ‘tell-all’ book, using its insights as they were intended: as simply more of the specific and ever-increasing number of pieces of evidence against the puzzle that is ‘the most secretive administration in history,’ according to the banished-to-the-back-of-the-room, yet senior-most White House Press Corp reporter Helen Thomas, and she would know, having been working there for nearly 60 years.

When I met Vaught, my first question to him was ‘why bother?’ I felt his was a lost message, especially considering the heckler who had been repeatedly screaming that Ron was a liar and that he was going to call the police, but who ran off, tail between his legs, the moment he heard my name. I literally shook Ron’s hand, looked up, and that guy was gone! A police cruiser, however, did arrive at the scene, but moments after I scooped Ron up from his exposed position deep behind enemy lines.

The extraction complete, we got to talking. Apparently the backlash against impeachment advocates can still be quite severe, showing a fear and vulnerability on the part of Bush supporters that impeachment proceedings could become a reality, and yesterday, former Presidential Candidate Representative Dennis Kucinich finally simultaneously justified and exploited that fear. ‘Why bother,’ indeed.

Vaught showed me a list of approximately 30 activists that have worked with him in the past, organizing rallies at both the Santa Ana Federal Building and the OC Register. He says he had previously used social websites instead of paper and ink to put his events together, but recently he has been hacked and locked out of his accounts.

On the bright side, yoga and meditation help Vaught keep his mind clear and his intentions pure. In those meditations, Vaught has come to the conclusion, albeit in a slightly different fashion than most of us, that W. has absolutely taken advantage of peoples’ fear of coincidental (or possibly intentional) signs of the apocalypse as prophecized in the Bible.

When I suggested that Bush’s ‘personal relationship with God’ caused him to make decisions to this end, Ron and I both agreed that it was the case. However, we also agreed that the future is not set in stone, that there is time to change it, and that the time to get on the path is now before it’s too late. He feels that Bush actually is delusional enough to consider his the work of God while most of us would now agree that our country has actually regressed since 2000.

So did Dubya mislead, or was he misled? ‘God’ can be a powerful voice in one’s head. Regardless, Bush’s enormous ego leaves no room for apology and I get the impression that anything forthcoming resembling such will be released long after he leaves office, and by someone other than himself.

Despite his lengthy, filibuster-style diatribe, Representative Kucinich didn’t even bring up the President’s questionable ‘service’ during Vietnam, the way he ‘stole’ the 2000 election (unfortunately, I don’t think he did, but that’s another story), or his connection to Skull and Bones, a secret society on which the film ‘The Skulls’ is loosely based and whose alleged membership also includes George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and even Saddam Hussein: the government behind the governments.

The alleged and likely connections among the secret society Skull and Bones, the mystical and controversial Masons, and the nearly omniscient Bilderberg Group, which seeks to create a world-government (a la the Book of Revelations) is also quite troubling. At the very least Bush’s spiritual self-superiority in these matters is laughable, at worst, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy dooming the 6.5 billion other people on Earth, many of whom also think they’re somehow ‘special.’

Bush is not special. God does not love him. In fact, I’m fairly certain she is beyond pissed off, and despite the vast differences among the millions of voters in this country, Dubya has finally united us as he promised: in our hatred of his self-righteousness and his stubborn, failed policies.

Kucinich, Ron Vaught, and I are not exactly ‘mainstream-types,’ but that doesn’t mean we’re wrong. The gentleman from Ohio held the floor of the House yesterday for four and a half hours… and it was about time someone did. Whether any of this will go any farther than theatrics is anyone’s guess, but mine is that it won’t. Apparently, a blow-job in the Oval Office is more worthy of an honest-to-Gods impeachment vote than 35 criminal charges involving the lives (and deaths) of hundreds of thousands of our men and women in uniform and approximately a million Iraqi civilians.

Stay tuned.