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Nguyen’s a Nguyinner, Props to Prop 99, Gary Pritchard & Ed Chau Face Uphill Battles, plus…

Election Night Roundup June 3rd, 2008

‘Dammit Janet!’

Of all the races important to the OJ family this season, the 1st Supervisor’s race was by far the most scrutinized. Congratulations (again) to Supervisor Nguyen. Most of us in the blogosphere called this one with the exception of a few unnamed parties who swore to their Gods there would be a runoff, but regardless of all of the rhetoric against we the supporters of Supervisor Nguyen, she being the only truly sane choice in this election, tonight we are proud ‘Jannies.’

With Nguyen’s outshining of the Van Tran machine, she now has a landslide victory under her belt. Never again will I call her ‘7-vote Janet’ as she clearly proved her celebrity tonight with 56.6% of the vote. Dina’s still an idiot but received 27.7% and Edgardo Reynoso and Hoa Van Tran are still especially suspect with only the remaining 15.6% of the vote. Janet’s done an OK job up to this point, but with her excitement I could tell she really plans on putting the pedal to the metal this term. If I’m right, then maybe so is the gentleman at the end of the video who apparently has big plans for ‘Post-partisan Janet,’ although she’d have to go through Loretta Sanchez, and, well, it’s Loretta Sanchez.

Janet’s party featured Karaoke, and I wanted to send a special shout-out to a certain person, who shall remain nameless, who dedicated this song to indicted Sheriff Mike Carona – he wouldn’t let me publish the video (damn!):

Prop 99 Proponents Attribute Win To Honesty In Campaigning

Prop 99, soon to be enacted, will keep protections for renters and homeowners intact. Sorry, greedy condo developers and slum lords: no soup for you! Sure, Prop 99 will now need to be fortified with protections for more property owners, but eminent domain losses should not be a major issue in our state in the short term as there is plenty of room for expansion inland. The interesting thing people forget about the Kelo decision is that the state of Connecticut is practically at maximum development. There are far fewer places to build and much less infrastructure there.

Prop 98 would have repealed rent control and would unleashed chaos on local housing and utilities markets. I’ve seen it first hand in suburban Boston, and I’m glad there won’t be a repeat here.

Ed Chau and Gary Pritchard: Soon-to-be Republicans’ Pinatas?

Ed, as expected, will face Gary Miller in the general election for Congress in the 42nd. Gary Pritchard’s win forces him into a one-on-one with the Queen of Meanmi for the State Senate seat for the 33rd District. Which of these nice guys won’t finish last? Gary Miller is on numerous ‘top-most-corrupted Congressmen’ lists and Mimi browbeat a poor guy who dramatically and publicly denounced negative campaigning.

Ed Chau is a non-confrontational guy, so Miller could end up eating him for breakfast if he doesn’t walk the tightrope between negative expose and positive campaigning.

And Gary Pritchard, please be wise enough not to follow into Sidhu’s clawsteps. Don’t try to give the people hot, fresh chicken when you’re losing by nearly 50 points! When the competition’s mean, you have find a way to be meaner (or at least slicker) or else be stuck on defense the entire game. I’m sorry to say I predicted Sidhu’s loss. but it was an obvious strategy error, as was his decision to try to ‘out-Conservative’ Mimi Walters in the first place.

Measure “‘G’ods People Are Blind”

Measure G, the SAUSD welfare initiative, passed by a margin of more than two to one. Thomas Gordon and I had a conversation at Janet’s party (with what little voice I had left) about this. With the targeted Latino voters believing they were doing the best thing for their children, and even Matt ‘Jubal’ Cunningham’s Red County/OC Blog taking Yes on G’s dirty money for advertisements, it was an easy night for SAUSD, but with three seats up for grabs in November, the only way left to stop the corruption at the SAUSD is to remove the incumbents and at least make sure the bond money goes to good use. I have a feeling that this blog will very soon come out very strong for that very end result as Thomas and I are already in agreement on the issue and Art is on the warpath with the whole bloody lot of them.

For complete results, please visit the OC Registrar of Voters.