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So who’s it gonna be, Brother?

The L.A. Times headline from last week reads: ‘Obama lobbies for women’s vote‘ and features the photo above of he and Hillary Clinton, who has been considered a serious VP contender since ‘suspending’ her campaign. Then just yesterday Reuters points to former Georgia good ol’ boy Senator Sam Nunn and sitting Indiana good ol’ boy Senator Evan Bayh instead. Of the two, only Nunn provides a potential geographic advantage considering Obama’s impressive positives down south.

So I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking: ‘Sam Bayh, who? Evan Nunn? Never heard of ’em!’ Hillary? Oh yeah, we all know her. We all know Obama needs her to help get women to the polls, but the thinking is that either Bayh or Nunn will provide him some national security cred. But wait? What’s that committee that Hillary sits on again? The Armed Services Committee? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

And what about Wesley Clark? Seriously? I think he’s the only one who doesn’t realize that he’s been used. What is it about military men and politics? Two great tastes that, well, taste more like a certain salad dressing than a sweet, delicious Reese’s Cup! I firmly believe that if Clark wasn’t such a political dummy he’d have easily been on the short list for VP.

Apparently, campaign Czar David Plouffe thought he’d get more out of him in a sacrifice play… and I have a feeling he won’t be the last pol who gets thrown away in this campaign as soon as their usefulness is even remotely in question, which is fine and dandy and pretty typical at this stage of the game, but come on! Nunn and Bayh are to Obama’s charisma what, well, oil is to vinegar. They’re both total buzzkills. Either of them is Al Gore to Obama’s Bill Clinton, and with most pundits predicting that Obama 2012 will look more like Jimmy Carter circa 1980, where does that leave us? I just don’t get it.